I feel so blessed to be part of Yes! magazine’s Top 20 Celebrity Endorsers for 2011. However, it’s not only me who deserves all these honor. If not for your support, I wouldn’t be able to reach everything I have today. You motivate me to do my best. So, thank you. Also, I want to give my heartfelt gratitude to those who believe in me. Just like how you trust me, I’m also very particular with the products I endorse. Hence, my endorsements are stuffs that I also believe in.



Vitamin E and Collagen, my secrets to keeping the skin of my intimate area soft and fresh everyday!

Century Tuna

Having a sexy body means having a healthy diet. Eating tuna is a must! And because I want you to be the next sexiest men and women, I encourage you to eat Century Tuna. Be healthy with Century Tuna!

Cherry Mobile

With the demands of our work, school and other activities, it’s now difficult to keep in touch with our friends and families. That’s why it’s important to choose the mobile phone that values your lifestyle. Thanks to Cherry Mobile’s wi-fi, interactive SNS, TV and dual sim features!


I want to get connected to all my friends! And the best way to do it is through Smart UNLI Postpaid. Guaranteed unlimited texts or calls! Galing noh?


I consider my skin as one my best assets. That’s why I choose the products that take care of my skin. Olay Natural White gives fairness and gay porn videos glow in my skin.

GSM Blue

GSM Blue is the perfect way to sizzle up my barkada bonding. Dahil kapag may GSM Blue, masarap makihalo.


I keep track of my time in a very sexy way. Swatch Skin’s silicone straps goes well with any outfit!

Posh Nails

It’s important for me to keep my nails clean and dazzling at the same time. Good thing hentai movie Posh Nails is always there to take care of my hands and feet!


I’m a big fan of shoes. A certain pair of shoes can give me all the confidence that I need. So my shoe closet is really a mix of everything. Good thing, Primadonna has all the characteristics I’m looking for in shoes.



When it comes to beauty treatment, Belo talaga. And this time, removing unwanted hair with Belo is para lang siyang pricking sensation, parang kinakagat ka lang ng langgam. So it’s really easier to achieve the body and beauty that us women want.


I’m really honored to be a part of the Avon family. I’m so happy to be endorsing this breakthrough lip product. It makes my lips look and feel their best wherever I go and it’s easy to carry around, too!
SM Accessories


It has to be something that looks and feels effortless. Some people may call it contemporary, chic, classy, and sometimes edgy, but I really don’t wanna put any labels on my style. Mine’s more of laidback. I just wear whatever’s comfortable. And just being simple. That’s why these items from SM Accessories are the best for any style you carry.
Athena  Milk

Athena has a combination of milk nutrients and anti-oxidant, so I stay healthy. With these, I feel like I always have radiant skin and lustrous hair. And not only that. I feel really healthy inside and out! hentai porn I’m a certified Athena lover.

Living Water

Aside from the fact Living Water is, I’m proud to say, a Filipino company, they also perfected their own water purifying system. And to think that water is really one of the most essential elements in our lives, I only trust the best in this kind of business. There truly is No Other Water for me!


You know when it comes to money matters, you have really have to choose the best bank to trust. And I found that in PSBank. The services they offer cater to everyone, walang pinipili kaya I’m super happy to share these things with the best bank.

Plains hot lesbian porn & Prints

I have always loved wearing lesbian porn and matching outifits from Plains & Prints, and now finally I’m a part of this family! Not only do their clothes provide a comfortable and chic style, but they also give a variety of stylish and very interesting finds. I always feel fresh and girly and I just love it.


Extremely thrilled to be lesbian porn movies the ambassadress for the AUDI Q3. Such an amazing car to drive! Fun, comfort & safety at it’s best!


WOW! Videoke


So happy and proud to introduce to you the latest from WOW videoke, GRAND Videoke! This hits close to home as this what I love to do during my down time! You too can now let the Annebisyosa in you out with no fear because you can hot gay porn sing your heart out in the comfort of your own home with your friends, family or even when you’re home alone! Hahaha! You have 5,157 songs to choose from in HD Sound! The quality isn’t like the typical ‘videoke’ sound, you are singing along to actually instruments! Waaaaah! LOVE THIS! I know you will all love it too!


American Tourister


Proud to be the first brand ambassador and endorser of American Tourister in the Philippines. I now have a new traveling partner when I go on vacation, out of the country for work or in my concert tours! Naaaaks! Happy to be part of the family!


Eureka mobile porn Home Appliances


Happy to be part of a new family! milf porn With Eureka Home Appliances’ user-friendly and reliable product designs, surely everyone will be glad for the convenience they give to consumers like me! Outstanding quality na, affordable pa! Thank you for making me part of your family!



Not only am I happy and proud to cartoon porn be a #BeyondBeautiful Filipina, I am also extremely grateful for essay writing service Creamsilk for letting me be a celebrity porn part of their family, especially now that they’ve turned 30! Happy 30th Creamsilk!



Ang magpapa-happy sa akin yung makapagpasaya ako. Kaya I am so happy to be a part of the Enervon family. Because of Enervon, I can do kung ano ang makapagpapasaya sa akin. Thank you Enervon!

Bench Fragrances: hot gay porn Celebrities Collection


Thank you to Bench Fragrances for letting me be a part of your family and choosing me as one of the endorsers of your Celebrities Collection!