Annes’ fashion tips

If you want to learn some fashion styles, there’s no other person to ask but Anne Curtis. Her numerous fashion awards make her incredibly credible for being a fashionista. Just so you know, these awards are Pop Female Fashionista in ASAP, Preview Magazine’s Best Dressed, Best Dressed Female of the Night in the first Star Magic Ball, and Most Fashionable Young Female Celebrity in YES! Magazine’s Choice Awards.

But what were the fashion roots of this beautiful mestiza? Back in Australia, Anne was your typical girl-next-door. She wore plain clothes and slippers. “I grew up in Australia so I’m more of a tsinelas girl, Roxy and Billabong shirts, baggy, low-waisted jeans- beach chic, very laid-back, because that’s how I am,” Anne shared in an interview with Marie Claire magazine.

It was Liz Uy who influenced Anne to mix and match clothes. Because of this, Liz became one of Anne’s trusted stylists. “Hanggang isang beses, sinabihan ako ni Liz (Uy, Preview’s fashion editor), Magbihis ka nga!” said Anne.

When asked how she developed her fashion sense, Anne said it’s “through trial and error.” But no matter how glamorous you want to be, Anne advises every girl and woman to wear clothes that are “you.” “The important thing is to be comfortable with what you celebrity porn wear,” expressed Anne.

Anne is also not a fan of trendy clothes. “Girls shouldn’t buy too much into trends.” She believes that clothes don’t define a person, “It’s the person who makes the outfit,” said Anne.

In conclusion, Anne’s main fashion tip is to lesbian porn just be who you are. “Even if an outfit is not ‘in’ at the moment, if a girl feels good in it, she’ll look good and people will notice,” expressed Anne Curtis.

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