Anne at Farmers Plaza

If you know the lines, “I may be a slut but I’m the best slut in town,” and “There is no other woman greater than I am,” then you’ve been definitely hit by the Anne Curtis fever! More than that, if you sing “Alone” and “Tinamaan Na Ako” milf porn again and agin, you’re indeed an Anne Curtis fanatic! Like you, there are millions of men and women out there who admire the Princess of All Media!

But who can’t resist Anne Curtis? With her sexy mobile porn lips, cute voice, captivating eyes, and adorable charisma, one can’t help but be head over heels for her! That’s exactly what happened last November 4 at Farmers Plaza, Cubao. For about an hour and a half, Anne became everyone’s center of attention.

Though she sang only four songs from her album, Anne willingly signed every album and posed for a picture with her fans. Her down-to-earth and humble personality makes Anne not just a celebrity but a friend of every person she meets.

This is the reason why Anne survived the entertainment world for 14 years. She loves to perform and to bring smiles to Filipinos. So although her career required her to be away from her family in Australia, she still found happiness and home here in the Philippines.

She’ll forever love the “madlang people,” who serves as her inspiration in everything she does. Most importantly, she knows how celebrity porn to thank everyone who supports her. So to those who went to the ANNEBISYOSA mall show at Farmers Plaza, here is Anne’s special message for you – “Wow! That was crazy fun!! Thank you Farmers!!!”

What malls do you want Anne to visit for her ANNEBISYOSA mall tour?

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