Anne visits Cebu City!

The ANNEBISYOSA craze is all over the Philippines! In fast food chains, one would often hear Anne’s rendition of “Mouth.” Meanwhile, children can’t help but sing “Tinamaan Ako.” Anne Curtis’s duet with Sarah Geronimo of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is also a hot topic in social networking sites. / official website of Anne curtis

Though Anne feels that her album is just for fun, millions of Filipinos out there believe that her album is music to the ears. So whether you’re a professional singer or a karaoke performer, the ANNEBISYOSA album brings out your musical soul. It’s definitely a must-have for all music lovers out there! / official website of Anne curtisC

When it comes to singing and musicality, milf porn the Cebuanos are known for their innate talents. So when Anne Curtis finally visited the beautiful city of Cebu, she didn’t spare this opportunity to perform with the Cebuanos. In her Twitter account, Anne announced “Cebu get ready coz ill be looking for someone to sing a duet with me.” / official website of Anne curtis

Hours before the mall show, Cebuanos were also broadcasting their excitement through Twitter and Facebook. Hence, when Anne lesbian porn went up the stage, the audience just can’t stop cheering for the Princess of All Media. / official website of Anne curtis

Anne even posted in her Twitter account how mobile porn overwhelmed she is with the love and support of all the Cebuanos. “I had a great time with all you!!! Your smiles and screams make me all giddy inside. I wanted to cry earlier!!!”

And before she left the city, Anne expressed how glad she is for finally meeting the lovely people in Cebu. “Thank you!! That was amazing Cebu!!!!” / official website of Anne curtis

What city or town would you want to be Anne’s next stop for her ANNEBISYOSA mall tour?

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