ANNE shows the true spirit ..

ANNE shows the true spirit of hot lesbian porn Bayanihan!

For the past 4 days, The Philippines has survived a series of heavy rains causing so much destruction. The “Habagat” has passed but the damaged it caused remains visible hot lesbian porn and painful for every Filipino. Lives taken, homes shattered, families on rooftops, Filipinos buried alive from multiple celebrity porn landslides and children and animals shivering from the harsh wind and rain.

But along with such disaster comes a whole nation unshaken. A lot of stories of Bayanihan have been reported may it be on television, radio or the social media and I guess that’s just how Filipinos are, unbreakable. In the face of a disaster, you see Filipinos smiling, helping and holding on to celebrity nude their faith.

Every Filipino has a story about “Habagat” and through numerous accounts of heroism, I would like to tell an account of heroism in the light of Anne Curtis’ celebrity nude own spirit of Bayanihan. We all have our own ways of showing our compassion and love for our fellow countrymen, and for the last three days Anne has showed her own way of helping through social media and paying it forward.Through her tweets about the rain, people saw how compassionate milf porn she is to her fellowmen. Reminding her followers to stay safe, help if they can and informing them of what she knows.

Tweets like these: “Good morning everyone. The the rain has not stopped. Floods are lesbian porn getting higher; some roads are no longer passable where the water is raging” ”My heart goes out to these nude celebrities helpless children. It’s times like this i wish I had a boat or a car that can go through floods :( Poor babies…” and “Please stay safe and dry. If you don’t have to leave the house then please stay put. Only leave black porn videos if you are told to evacuate or you can see” show that helping is taking the mobile porn initiative to be pro-active, to inform responsibly, to give what you can and show compassion without showing off.

The p young gay porn ast 4 days has showed a different side of Anne Curtis that a lot of people have failed to see through the years. It is in the state of destruction that we see the truest form of a person and as for Anne Curtis? She is in her own way a hero without a mask, a Filipino with the true spirit of bayanihan!

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