Anne reveals her love for shoes

For some women, shoes are the most important accessories. A pair of shoes defines a woman’s personality or mood for the day. And for the best-dressed Filipina celebrity Anne Curtis, shoes “give you confidence.”

Born a fashionista, Anne Curtis revealed in the Primadonna shoe collection launch last Thursday how much she loves shoes. “I’m a big fan of shoes.”

Apparently, people already know this fact about her. Once in a while, Anne would post a picture of her shoes in Twitter or flaunt them in Showtime.

Known for her different stylish looks, Anne can transform herself in an instant. She can be a princess, a rock star, a sporty chick, a girl-next-door, name it! Well, for someone as gorgeous as her, any get-up would definitely be stunning.

However, it’s her shoe collection that brings out her versatility in dressing up. “My shoe closet is really a mix of everything. From sneakers to sandals to heels to flats. You name it, I got it.”

But more than anything else, Anne’s favorite type of shoes are those that are “classy and sassy.”


And recently, she found the shoe brand that perfectly matches her personality. “It’s really important for me that whatever I choose to endorse is lesbian porn something that fits my personality, the crazy moods that I have when I dress up. It’s perfect that Primadonna has that characteristic.”

Though fashionable mobile porn shoes might be pleasing to the eyes, Anne still advises women to “really choose shoes that you’re comfortable with. Choose shoes that you can use more than once, that it goes with any outfit.”

What’s your favorite celebrity porn shoe style?

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