Anne on E! News

The National Sweetheart Anne Curtis is ready to make yet another new record on local showbiz history. Popular entertainment news show, E! News Asia, is set to feature Anne this September 29th! With this, she is now the first ever Filipina to get featured on the said news program!

E! News Asia has already featured biographies of Hollywood artists such as Madonna, Brad Pitt, Nicki Minaj, and Angelina Jolie. Now, the name of the box office actress, sold-out concert performer, platinum recording artist, popular trendsetter, most-loved TV host, trusted product endorser, and most-followed Filipino celebrity, will be alongside those names.

Even Anne could not keep her excitement to herself! She tweeted, “Wanted to share lesbian porn with al (sic) of you that I had such an amazing & fun experience with the E! News Asia team that came to do an exclusive special on Yours truly! KILIG! So excited and nervous to see the outcome! I heard they were able to pick up some juicy deets (sic)! Eeeep!,” the actress said in an Instagram post on Monday.

“Watch out for it on September 29, that’s a Sunday on E! Nice meeting all of you @marc_eternalphotog @hubabhood Jason Godfrey @bigsmilenoteeth.”

Anne’s rise to fame and an in depth look into her mobile porn personal life and career will be covered by the E! News Asia special on September 29th! Don’t miss the episode!

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