Anne loves vintage clothes!

What makes Anne Curtis stand out from the rest of the crowd? I say it’s her confidence! How Anne brings herself is truly fascinating. She dares to be different. And she makes sure that she shows her real self. While people are going for trendy outfits, Anne chooses to be unique.

Thus, her wardrobe is ma lesbian porn inly made up of vintage clothes. A self-confessed fashionista, Anne admits that she loves the outdated fashion styles. “I’m such a fan of vintage clothing and accessories- from 18th century designs to flapper style to Dior’s New Look to hippie chic,” Anne said in an interview with Preview magazine.

While everybody wants those outfits worn by mannequins, Anne picks out hard-to-find clothes. However, there are still times that Anne wears the so-called “safe” clothes. Nevertheless, she still maintains that distinctiveness that only she can pull off. “Of course, there are times when a girl has to stick to the so-called ‘safe’ side, like how Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman dress. But I like to express my funky side too,” said Anne.

Fashion is very important some women. It expresses who they are. Thus, it’s really important milf porn to wear clothes that you’re comfortable with rather than wearing trendy clothes and pretend to be somebody else.

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