Anne is a runway goddess!

After conquering the big screen and hitting radio stations, Anne Curtis now brings her fashion prowess on the runway! Last October 24, Anne Curtis graced the catwalk of the most-awaited fashion event of the year — the Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2010!

As brand ambassadress of L’Oreal Paris Philippines, Anne wore a glitzy red gown made by international fashion designer Michael Cinco. The event showcased world-class designs inspired by golden crafts. Hence, the fashion show seemed like ancient Egypt and ancient Greece at the same time.

With the scattered gold glitters, the catwalk portrayed elegance and royalty. The models who ramped on the runway looked as if they were gods and goddesses. But above all, it was Anne Curtis’s entrance which transformed the venue into a world of goddesses.

Indeed, the term “dyosa” still transpires in the image of Anne Curtis. Her shining red gown perfectly matched her pouty red lips. And even without any accessories on, Anne’s beauty was enough to make her sparkle. A true goddess in Philippine entertainment.

Why do you think Anne Curtis is named as “dyosa?”

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8 Responses to "Anne is a runway goddess!"

  1. cloudy

    So really beautiful ;) I am really happy for her achievements this year ;) more power Anne ! hope to see heyou in Cebu tomorrow ? i’ve heared you are coming in Cebu?

  2. Melynda Jane

    Anne is superb when it comes to latest fashion. no doubt she’s the trend setter in the Phils.

  3. Mey Yoh

    Anne is indeed one of the most beautiful actress in the universe

  4. Marsha Encabo

    Yes Indeed!.

  5. i love you anne!

  6. jen

    hi anne….

  7. chloe cruz

    i really adore anne :*

  8. The gentlemen in background are out of ‘modesty’ the organizer/s should have them in ‘barong tagalog’ wardrove or a ‘james bond’ suit. or maybe no more male backround at all.

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