Anne is an epitome of beauty

She has already been in the industry for fourteen years but Anne Curtis still maintains to be in the limelight. Wherever she is and whoever she’s with, Anne’s beauty stands out amongst the crowd. Her eyes, nose, lips, body are put together so perfectly! And that look, pout, pose, and smile are things that only Anne Curtis can do. Indeed, she’s an epitome of beauty.

The famous make-up artists Fanny Serrano expressed in an interview with Hair Asia magazine that Anne’s “beauty is iconic. She’s got an oval face, almond eyes, a strong jawline and a rosebud mouth.”

She may be a perfect doll but what makes Anne more stunning is her charming personality. Besides her looks, Anne is also beautiful in the inside. Anne’s humanitarian and environmental acts are evident through the typhoon Ondoy disaster. Now, Anne also advocates proper waste management, as revealed in her Twitter account. Anne also shared that if only she could study again, she would pursue a course on Early Education. She loves kids so much!

Being beautiful inside and out makes Anne Curtis different from other personalities. This is also the reason why so many people are into her! Her millions of followers in Twitter and her spot in Yes! Magazine’s Top 20 Endorsers prove that she’s the ‘IT’ girl.

Like what Direk Quark Henares said, Anne is more than just a pretty face. “That’s why she has a hold on so many people. We’ve seen pretty faces come and go but Anne went beyond her looks,” expressed Direk Quark.


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4 Responses to "Anne is an epitome of beauty"

  1. xtine

    so many girls and women like me adores her. she’s indeed an epitome of a beautiful woman. athletic,kikay,bubbly,such a good actress,fashionista,trendsetter..the list goes on..glad they made you a website where we can get more updates about you.

  2. she is really beautiful inside and out!

    • she my idol , she is very pretty and she is nice girl to me

  3. ate anne ang ganda mo talaga ate ako po magwiwish na sana tulungan niyo po ako na maging escort si daniel padilla sa dararing na js prom ko sa feb.14 at last na rin ito na js ko kasi ga graduate na po ako at sana mkita na kita sa personal .. sana mabasa nyo po ang saloobin ko.. thank you

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