New Ambassadress!

Yes, you’ve heard it right! The one and only princess of all-media is the newest ambassadress of SanMig Coffee Superpacks. It was more of a confirmation than a surprise for the Philippine press when Anne entered Sulu Riviera Hotel last Tuesday, September 11.

Being Asia’s National Sweetheart and one of the most in-demand endorsers in the Philippines (Take note she already has more than 20 endorsements!) every media person in the room, from different stations couldn’t hold their enthusiasm to see and interview mobile porn Anne Curtis.

After the launching of Anne’s latest commercial the press had a chance to interview her. Being an endorser for almost all kinds of products the one and only Dyosa was asked if there’s any product left she’d want to endorse.“Deodorant na lang yata ang kulang!” She answered laughing.

Being on top of her game Anne proves that success comes not only in God’s perfect time but with patience and perseverance to never stop dreaming and believing in yourself.

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